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The STEM Class Podcast

Feb 10, 2022

Louisiana state Teacher of the Year Nathalie Roy has taught Latin for most of her career, but was recently asked how she could incorporate STEM into her middle school curriculum.  After her initial research, Nathalie discovered that the ancient Romans literally wrote the book on technology from use of catapults to advanced construction techniques.

Join The STEM Class podcast host Anthony Arno as he talks with Nathalie about the following:

  • Story of an inspiring teacher (her own parents teaching Nathalie's high school classes)
  • Transitioning from Latin to STEM teacher
  • Popularity of Latin for middle schoolers
  • Fulbright to Italy to study classical Roman archeology
  • What can a STEM teacher learn from the Romans?
  • Importance of Vitruvius in Roman history
  • Analemmatic interactive sundials
  • Teaching STEM during the pandemic
  • What should new STEM teachers focus on?
  • Importance of focusing on the Engineering Design Process
  • Resistance from Latin teachers to teach STEM
  • Announcing the Louisiana Teacher of the Year with a Mercedes Benz

  • White House visit with President Biden
  • Important message for educators from TOY
  • Platform:  Trauma  Informed Resilient Schools
  • Latest STEM Class: Myth Makers
  • Most popular STEM challenges
  • Recommended supplies for any STEM teacher

  • An inspiring story from a former student
  • Reflecting on the biggest mistake in her teaching career
  • A Great Course Series: Ancient Greek & Roman Technology
  • Nathalie's recommendations for STEM teachers
  • Most exciting thing about being a STEM teacher today

Final Minute Before the Final Bell

Morning Person or Night Owl

  • Morning

Mac or PC

  • Niether: Chromebook

Favorite Childhood Book

  • A Wrinkle in Time

First Paying Job

  • Selling popcorn at grandfather's movie theater

Favorite TV Show

  • Project Runway - Best maker show ever!

Latest Music Download 

  • The Disappearing Spoon Podcast

One Famous Person You Would Invite for Dinner

  • Stephen Sedaris or Dr. Stephen Ressler

What would you do during an unexpected snow day?

  • Build a snowman

Next item on your bucket list?

  • Trip to UK to see Roman archeological sites


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