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The STEM Class Podcast

Mar 15, 2021

Lynette Stant is the current Arizona State Teacher of the Year, teaching elementary school with a strong STEM emphpasis.  She is also the first Native American Teacher of the Year, as a member of the Navajo tribe.

Join host Anthony Arno as he talks with Lynette all about the challenges that she faces as a teacher on a Reservation, her award winning grant of $500K to promote STEM in a district with less than 400 students, and what she expects to say to the President when she meets him.


The STEM Class Podcast is the show where teachers looking to incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics into their classrooms can hear the latest ideas taking place by people just like you.  

Whether you're teaching a specialized STEM class or you just want to sprinkle a bit of STEM into your everyday lessons, this is the place for all things STEM.  

You’ll not only hear from STEM teachers, but also popular authors, and leaders in the STEM field to discuss best practices for incorporating STEM into your everyday teaching routine. 

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